Abecedarian Effect
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Ability To Psychically induce one or various effects based on the letters of the alphabet
Chance/Likelihood Very Rare

Also Known As

  • ABC Effect/ABC Evocation/ABC Invocation
  • Abecedarian Evocation/Abecedarian Invocation
  • Alphabet Effect/Alphabet Evocation/Alphabet Invocation
  • Alphabetical Effect/Alphabetical Evocation/Alphabetical Invocation


This is the ability to psychically channel a letter of the alphabet to induce a related effect.

Uses/Applications (Pros)

One with this ability may have or psychically establish a bond to a given letter of their native alphabet ('A', for example). In addition, the user may call out a word starting with that letter (ie 'Airless' for 'A'), and a related effect will occur (ie suffocating the foe). Furthermore, one may be able to psychically control matter starting with the given letter, as though by Telekinesis (ie Aerokinesis). One can also channel the given letter to render oneself resistant or immune to an effect starting with that latter (ie Acid). One can even psychically establish a link with a given subject whose name starts with said letter (ie 'Alexander Smith' or 'John Aaron').

Weaknesses/Limitations (Cons)

Rare is the case in which the user can choose his given letter, to make use of the Abecedarian Effect. For most, the letter is embedded into their psyche from birth, even perhaps established magically down the bloodline. And most are restricted to letters and words within their own language. Thus, some Abecedarians might be attuned to a letter in their given alphabet, that does not have very many words to choose from.

For example, if there was some reality in which a Prof. Charles Xavier was attuned to the letter X; X is a letter that not many words begin with in the English Language. While he could channel a number of things for his use (ie 'X-Ray Vision', 'Xylem' to assume control of woody plants or 'Xenophile' to understand foreign tongues), he is not nearly as equipped as his rival Erik Lehnsherr, who has use of the letter M.

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