Abrasion Inducing
Ability To Psychically cause scraping damage
Chance/Likelihood Very Rare

Also Known As

  • Abrasion Effect/Abrasive Effect
  • Scrape Inducing/Scraping Effect/Scraping
  • Scrubbing Effect/Scrubbing


This is the ability to psychically inflict scraping damage.

Uses/Applications (Pros)

One with this ability could psychically scrub a surface to clear away dirt, grime or corrosion (ie buff shoes, clean dishes, remove rust), at will. In addition, one could psychically scrub a surface to smooth away bumps, rough textures and jagged edges, at will. Furthermore, one could psychically scrape ropes, cords or other ties to wear them down and escape confinement or captivity, at will. One could also psychically apply abrasive force to strike a match or light a fuse, at will. One could even psychically inflict scraping damage on subjects, at will.

Weaknesses/Limitations (Cons)

Similar/Related Abilities

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