Birthright Theft
Ability To Magically assume a birthright that naturally belongs to another
Chance/Likelihood Unique

Also Known As

  • Birth Right Stealing/Birth-Right Stealing/Birthright Stealing
  • Birth Right Theft/Birth-Right Theft
  • Birth Right Transfer/Birth-Right Transfer/Birthright Transfer
  • Privilege Theft/Privilege Transfer


This is the ability to supernaturally usurp a subject's natural privilege of birth.

Uses/Applications (Pros)

One with this ability could supernaturally assume the status and privileges afforded to one's elder siblings, at will. In addition, one could preternaturally assume the citizenship status of a native-born citizen, at will. Furthermore, one could metaphysically transfer the benefits of a rightful heir's inheritance onto oneself, at will. One could also preternaturally assume a social/cultural boon (ie White privilege or male privilege), at will.

Weaknesses/Limitations (Cons)

This ability can be confusing, bearing forth unforeseen benefits or shortcomings, because privileges and birthrights are social constructs, and can manifest in both obvious and subtle ways. For example, if a Black man were to steal a White man's White privilege, he might gain new opportunities in the business or academic world; though, at the same time, his Black/Brown friends and loved ones might perceive him differently, and thus severing valued relationships.

Furthermore, privilege may be stolen, even if the user already has the same privilege (ie a White man steals another person's White privilege), enhancing the user's own privilege to levels matching superhuman powers. However, such a feat is often only reserved for the most powerful, skilled users.

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