Death Inducing
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If you're smart, you'll fear the reaper.
Ability To Psychically cause the cessation of life
Chance/Likelihood Very Rare

Also Known As

  • Deadly Effect/Death Effect/Fatal Effect/Killing Effect/Lethal Effect


This is the ability to cause subjects to die.

Uses/Applications (Pros)

One with this ability could psychically cause simultaneous, irreversible deactivation of all organs (or perhaps all vital organs), at will. In addition, one could psychically cause the soul to depart the body, at will. Furthermore, one could psychically cause the body to rapidly age to the point of death, at will. One could also psychically cause cellular death, until the entire body has expired, at will. One could even, in some cases, psychically bend probability (or reality) to bring about a lethal set of events for a given target, at will.

Weaknesses/Limitations (Cons)

Similar/Related Abilities

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