Psychic Persuasion
Enter: Killgrave, the Purple Man

--Jessica Jones (Marvel's MCU on Netflix)

Ability To Psychically control others' thoughts and actions, via verbal commands
Chance/Likelihood Uncommon

Also Known As

  • Coercion/Command/Compelling/Compulsion/Demand/Domination/Persuasion/Suggestion
  • Commanding Voice/Compelling Voice/Controlling Voice/Dominating Voice/Influencing Voice
  • Psychic Coercion/Psychic Command/Psychic Compulsion/Psychic Demand/Psychic Suggestion
  • Sympathetic Coercion
  • Verbal Coercion/Verbal Control/Verbal Domination/Verbal Influence/Verbal Mind Control/Verbal Obedience Inducing/Verbal Subjugation


This is the ability to psychically dominate subjects' thoughts and actions, via verbal commands.

Uses/Applications (Pros)

One with this ability can psychically compel subjects to perform any task in their physical capability (ie movements, tasks), via voice. In addition, one can psychically compel subjects to perform any task in their mental capacity (ie forget information), via voice. Furthermore, in some cases, one can psychically compel subjects to perform any task in their spiritual capacity (ie stop resisting spiritual domination), via voice. One could also, in some cases, compel oneself in the same manner(s), via voice. One could even, in some cases, compel subjects' individual body parts to do one's bidding (or literally compel subjects to die), via voice.

Weaknesses/Limitations (Cons)

A Persuader's power lies in their voice. This is no general Mind Control that allows the user to extend their power with a simple thought. That being said, the user must be able to speak, first and foremost, before they can attempt to make use of their power. If the user is mute (whether innately unable to speak or somehow gagged), the power is useless.

It should also help immensely, if a Persuader is within earshot of potential subjects they attempt to influence. Being too far away to hear, or being hindered by a barrier (ie soundproof walls), or speaking too low to be heard, then the power will have no effect.

Then again, some subjects simply have a resistance to being compelled verbally; this might include the young (limited vocabulary may keep children from understanding words beyond a certain comprehension level), the elderly (or anyone else with hearing difficulty), not to mention those who are deaf. By the same note, any language barrier would also pose difficulty for a Persuader to use their powers. And of course, some people can plainly withstand psychic control altogether.

Similar/Related Abilities

  • Belief Inducing- This ability allows the user to cause subjects to be compelled ("persuaded") into believing that which they are told.
  • Mental Manipulation- This ability would allow the user to assume psychic control over others without need for verbal contact.
  • Telepathic Projection- This ability can be used to broadcast one's voice into others' minds, which might be used as a form of psychic Suggestion, weaker than full-on Persuasion.

Confirmed Users