Reality Bending
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Ability To Psychically control the state and condition of existence
Chance/Likelihood Very Rare

Also Known As

  • Canonization
  • Reality Alteration/Reality Control/Reality Distortion/Reality Manipulation/Reality Warping
  • Realization Effect/Realization/Realizing Effect/Realizing
  • Reification Effect/Reification


This is the ability to psychically control the fabric of reality.

Uses/Applications (Pros)

One with this ability could psychically bring nonexistent matter, events and phenomena into existence, at will. In addition, one could psychically erase existing matter, events and phenomena from reality, at will. Furthermore, one could psychically preserve the current state of existing matter, events and phenomena, at will. One could also psychically alter existing matter, events and phenomena from their current states, at will. One could even psychically access different levels and scales of existence, to affect matter, events and phenomena on a microscopic, macroscopic, quantum, past/present/future or abstract scale, at will.

Weaknesses/Limitations (Cons)

Given that the ability is capable of affecting time, space, force, energy, matter and concepts, there are very few targets which cannot be affected by this ability.

Primarily, a reality bender is only limited by the scope and scale of their own imagination.

Similar/Related Abilities

  • Magic- Reality Bending by channeling supernatural energy

Confirmed Users

  • Franklin Richards/Powerhouse (Fantastic Four, Marvel)


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