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The idea is simple: create and share your own superpowers & see how they compare with everyone else's. The original website ( -- RIP) started as a fun--and, yes, nerdy--project to learn how to make websites that can change & grow... turns out, a lot of people have great ideas, and The Superpower List now has quite the fanbase! We hope you'll join!

You can really kill some time here, reading and creating... you've been warned. ;)

What Do We Do?


Go above and beyond the norm!

This wiki will serve as a growing, ever-expanding list of superpowers, created by you. We try to feature abilities and characters of all different types and backgrounds, whether obscure or world-famous.

All have their chance to contribute something positive. Nearly nothing is off-limits. We dream the impossible, and we readily encourage you to do the same.

Where Are We Now?

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Embrace your superpowers!

Find our Forum at ! We always welcome positive, open conversations, from all different perspectives, to shine light on new and classic superpowers!

Not to mention, we're on Facebook, if you would like some superpowered nerdy news! Drop by !

Or if you prefer a quicker communication, drop by! I'm always available (I probably should work on my sleep schedule, but to chat with you, it's worth it)!

  • Welcome to the fandom!
  • Welcome to the fandom!
  • Welcome to the fandom!
  • Welcome to the fandom!
  • Welcome to the fandom!
  • Welcome to the fandom!
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