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Ability To Psychically perceive and interface with technology
Chance/Likelihood Rare

Also Known As

  • Cyberlingualism/Cyberlinguism/Cyberspeak
  • Cybernetic Communication/Cybernetic Omnilingualism
  • Electronic Communication/Electronic Omnilingualism
  • Interface Effect
  • Machine Communication/Machine Omnilingualism
  • Mechalingualism/Mechalinguism/Mechanilingualism/Mechanilinguism/Mechanolingualism/Mechanolinguism/Mechspeak
  • Mechanopathy/Mechopathy
  • Psychic Interface
  • Technilingualism/Technilinguism/Technolingualism/Technolinguism/Technospeak/Techspeak
  • Technological Communication/Technological Omnilingualism
  • Technology Communication/Technology Omnilingualism


This is the ability to psychically perceive and interface with technology.

Uses/Applications (Pros)

One with this ability could psychically perceive the presence, direction, distance and/or location of mechanical devices, at will. In addition, one can psychically perceive the quantity, quality, structure and function of mechanical devices, at will. Furthermore, one can psychically activate and/or deactivate power for electronic devices, at will. One could also psychically communicate with and command electronic devices, at will. One can even psychically channel their perception or consciousness through electronic media, at will.

Weaknesses/Limitations (Cons)

Technology is a very wide category. And a Technopath's connection to technology may vary from user to user.

Some can psychically interface and interact w/ electrical connections made throughout a device. As such, their power is primarily (if not exclusively) focused on electronic devices, w/ little to no regard to analogue devices. On the other hand, if the Technopath has a metaphysical connection to technology (ie a connection through the Akasha/collective unconscious, to the culture's idea of what defines "technology"), then their power is much more multifaceted.

For the Technopath with direct psychic access to electronic connections, there is naturally a broad potential array of access to the world. The world is becoming increasingly accessible via electronics, from computers and smart phones, to satellites and smart vehicles. Wi-fi connections and computer networks are available to the technopath's mind, such that they can sense the very makeup of a machine (or any variations or deviations therein) and their will can potentially bypass, override or rewrite coding to suit most any whim.

Though, a more metaphysical Technopath may derive power from a broader definition of technology. Rather than merely the sending and receiving of electronic signals, technology is also understood to have nuts, bolts, gears, wires and more. In these cases, the Technopath may have a more passive connection, only capable of perceiving information about them or through them (similar to Psychometry or traditional Mind Reading) rather than actually controlling the machine's actions, which would border on Technokinesis).

Naturally, either the direct or metaphysical variants of Technopathy still have a limitation that a Technopath must have "their" version of technology in reach of their psychic radius, before they can be considered effective in any way. So, perhaps a technopath may come from a culture whose belief system claims that magic (or some phenomenon perceived as magic) is a necessary component to any working machine. Non-magical machines (or machines that 'appear' mundane) could not be accessed by such a Technopath.

On the other hand, another technopath comes from a society with a vast array of non-magical technical marvels, and thus something that runs on magic may seem not only alien, but primitive and simple. And a third Technopath might fall somewhere in between; while they do not understand or believe in the working of magic, they are also not fans of those newfangled gadgets that the kids are always raving about, and thus their affinity remains with pre-2000s-era cars, trucks and household appliances.

Also, many people in the developed world agree that forks and spoons are some version of technology, yet not all technopaths can read psychic imprints off cutlery (and any ability to affect the movement or function of such a simple tool would lie beyond the scope of this ability).

Similar/Related Abilities

  • Technokinesis- Often conflated with Technopathy, despite having no perception aspect (and despite Technopathy having no telekinetic aspect)

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